Customer Testimonials for Direct Auto Source

Yogi Dave Molyneux - 2010 Chevrolet Silverado

I have purchased two vehicles at Direct Auto Source so far, a 2008 mint condition GMC Sierra that I drove to California (without a hiccup) last year, and a 2010 spotless Chevy Silverado that I plan to drive across country this year. Both purchases were smooth transactions with a friendly staff

Google User - 2011 Honda Element

I bought a 04 Honda Element from Ed on Ebay (but reserve price was not met) and the car was as described... I believe he gave me a fair price (I tracked 21 other Elements on Ebay before buying this one)... The Element came right from Florida and had a few small issues (which I expected)... Issues like it only had 1 key and 1 remote but these are only small inconviences and no big deal... I thought it was more than fair as the local Honda dealer wanted $4,000 more for the same car.... The car overall was just like Ed discribed and my son is very pleased.... My overall impression of Ed (Direct Auto Source ) is that he is a far person when it comes to the process of selling a car but be cautious as he sells cars directly from auction and there is no warranty......NOTE - To hedge my bet against any issues I personally used "Autocheck" and also had Direct Auto Source send the car to a mechanic for inspection.. They found a safety belt issue so it was sent to the Honda dealer for repair at NO COST TO ME... Bottom Line...I will look ED up when I have to buy a car for my other son next December... Regards, Harry V.